Supernatural Bottle Pendants/Charms



Supernatural bottles with lobster clasp to be used as pendants or charms.

Available individually for $12.50 or in a set of 5 for $50. Please advise which 5 bottles you want in checkout. If no preference is chosen, 5 random bottle will be sent.

Bottles marked as “shake” mean they have a rheoscopic effect when shaken.

Bottles available:

Exorcism scroll with pentagram charm

Salt and Burn with shovel charm

Castiel’s Grace with Wing Charm (shake)

Bobby’s soul with cap charm (shake, limited)

Demon Blood with Pentagram charm

Dead Man's Blood with fang charm

The Darkness with Mark of Cain charm (shake)

Goofer Dust with Hellhound charm

Each bottle measures approximately 4cm from bottom to eye pin.

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