PREORDER Buffy Pop Box Giles Willow Xander Magic Box Vampire Slayer




Preorders are wI’ll be sent out 30-40 days after order.

All items are either handmade or modified from new items.


Contents :

A hand painted “Magic Box” logo box measures approximately 18cm x 12cm x 6cm.


1x Claddagh ring on a necklace


1x Keyring with Cross bow, bite me charm, cross, stake, claddagh charm, stake, vampire fangs, sword and the letter B


1x Hand painted mini Vampyr jewelry Box


1x Bite me earrings


1x I’m the slayer ask me how badge


1x Bored now necklace


1x Buffy words Magnetic poetry


1x Buffy Titan vinyl figures character blind box


1x Spike block MiniFig


1x Sunnydale A4 (burnt) high school diploma


1x Dingo ate my baby A5 leaflet

1x Shot pot wax melt with raspberries, tea and spices scent.


1x Espresso Pump Apocalypse loyalty card


5x Photos as seen in the show


9x Original design stickers 

Class protector

Buffy tombstone

Beeper with apocalypse on it

The Bronze logo

Mr Pointy

Kiss the librarian cup

Double meat palace name tag

Tabula rasa crystal and lethe’s bramble

Ripper leather jacket


This item is only available to Australian buyers.




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