PREORDER Supernatural Pop Box 2.0 Castiel Sam Dean Winchester SPN





Please note this item is a preorder which means that it will be shipped out on 35 days after ordering.

All items are either handmade or modified from new items.


Contents :

A hand painted wooden curse box - measures approximately 18cm x 12cm x 6cm.


5x Photos stuck on top part of box (as seen throughout the show).


3x FBI badges - Dean, Sam and Castiel with corresponding aliases.


1x hexbag (inside is a feather, a clay bone, a blood bead, a seashell and a a small eye ball charm) the hex bag smells like hot apple pie.


1x Dead man’s blood syringe pen


1x Dean’s Top 13 Zepp Traxx tape with playlist (each tape has actuall Led Zeppelin songs!) (due to scarcity of audio cassettes, the tapes sent out might be refurbished tapes).


1x Laptop palm sized mirror compact with Cove Bikes sticker (as in episode “Hellhouse”)


1x Salt pendant with pentagram charm.


1x exorcism chant printed on aged paper


1x Spell Crystal


1x Samulet


1x ‘SW’ and ‘DW’ engraved mini flask


1x keyring with Ruby’s knife, the Colt, angel wing and pentagram.


1x Dead Man’s Blood syringe pen


Please note this item will be posted on January 3rd 2019 and you will receive a tracking number as soon as the package has been scanned into the Australia Post system.




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