Dark Helmet Acrylic Brooch PROTOTYPE Please read description Spaceballs Rick Moranis



This is a limited amount of prototypes of a sliding visor dark helmet acrylic brooch.


Originally, the brooch was going to be put up for $50 but because the slide of the visor is not smooth and sometimes jams, I’m selling them as prototypes for $25.


You’ll receive them with the slide function and you can choose to glue it down or leave it as sliding.


At this stage I don’t think I’ll be making these again soon (eventually but not soon) as I’m a bit sick of looking at them at this point... when I do make them again - I’ll redesign the slide mechanism inside to be smoother.


Only 5 available.


All acrylic brooches sent with registered post.


PLEASE NOTE : By buying this item you are agreeing to purchase a PROTOTYPE item which may jam or shift slightly on the slide.


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