Daryl Dixon faux tamagotchi 3D pendant necklace the walking dead


$13.00 $18.00
Have you ever thought to yourself "wow, I wish my favourite show had a tamagotchi" . . . No? Well, why would you click on this? Otherwise, check out this Daryl Dixon inspired tamagotchi.
Made of heat treated plastic and sealed to be waterproof. 
Necklace measures approximately 5.5cm x 4.9cm.
Pendant made to order - please be aware that it takes 2 days to make this item.
Also note that this is not a working tamagotchi.

Shipping cost includes packaging and handling.

Please contact me (VeeGiggity@gmail.com) if you require a tracking number as they are not provided by default from Australia and incur extra postage costs.

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