Harry Potter Bottle Pendants/Charms necklace



Harry Potter bottles with lobster clasp to be used as pendants or charms.

Available individually for $12.50 or in a set of 6 for $60. Please advise which 6 bottles you want in checkout. If no preference is chosen, 6 random bottle will be sent.

Bottles marked as “shake” mean they have a rheoscopic effect when shaken.

Bottles available:

Draught of Living Death with skull charm 

Amortentia with heart charms (shake)

Gillyweed with mermaid charm

Skele-Gro with skeleton charm (shake)

Polyjuice Potion with cauldron charm

Wolfsbane with wolf charm

Felix Felicis with horseshoe charm

Each bottle measures approximately 4cm from bottom to eye pin.