Harry Potter Nail Stamping Plates Image Transfer hehe plates



Those close ups of your fancy wand work need fancy harry potter themed nails!

Plate size: 5.6cm
Material: steel plate
Simple and easy to use
1. Remove blue protective film from the plate before use
2. Apply a Base Coat to your Nail

3. Apply polish on the image plate (It's best to use special stamping polish or thicker consistency nail polish)
4. Scrape off the excess polish with a scraper or plastic card
5. Stamp the image with a stamper (Roll over the pattern or press directly)
6. Stamp the image onto your nail

7. After image has dried - apply Top Coat

Stamper and scraper not included with plates

Shipping cost includes packaging and handling.

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Delivery times :
Within Australia 2 weeks
Rest of the world 2- 4weeks

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